Our PS Partners

PS Salon & Spa 

Launched in August 2008 with the simple goal of transforming senior community "beauty shops" into professional salons & spas, we've learned that every service we provide has three customers: a senior, a family member, and the senior community itself.  Our operations team ensures that our community partners have the highest quality of services provided for the salon amenity.  Stylist are properly trained for the level of care of the residents to create the best resident experience.

Truist Skincare - www.truistskincare.com

We believe that we need a better solution, something specifically designed to keep our skin fit.

Your skin is your equity and the area of the body most frequently exposed to sun damage, environmental changes and stress. Skin sheds cells more rapidly than other parts of the body and therefore needs a consistent replenishment of hydration to help repair itself, stimulate blood circulation and to encourage new cell generation to rise to the surface.

Truist Skincare products support the health and well-being of skin throughout its life cycle and include everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.