Holistic Alchemy Organic Essential Oil Kit - Complete Set of 6 Blends

Holistic Alchemy Organic Essential Oil Kit - Complete Set of 6 Blends

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Our essential oils contain pure, 100% organic oils extracted from botanicals sourced around the world. These therapeutic grade essential oils can be used for the face and body or in diffusers for the benefit of environmental fragrance.

Blended Notes 6-pack kit come with:
• Six (6) Organic Essential Oils, 10ml each: Balance, Calm, Muscle Soothe, Purify, Revive, Sleep.
• An Eco-conscious bamboo tray to hold your essential oil bottles for easy access and artful presentation.
• Holistic Alchemy Aromatherapy Guide- how to use essential oils.
• Drawstring Pouch to hold your oils for travel and repeated use.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts derived from botanicals and plant parts including flowers, leaves, twigs, roots, bark and fruit peels. Some oils contain phytohormones that have a chemistry—and this chemotype, or chemical distinctness, determines what physiological effects the oils have on the body. 

Essential oils are absorbed through inhalation or through application to the skin during massage. The use of pure essential oils has been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits, when used correctly and safely.

Each essential oil has its own botanical chemistry with specific healing properties. Oils’ use has been documented from ancient healing traditions to modern science and integrative medicine. Their therapeutic properties assist the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate and support optimal well-being.

Single Note Scents Available - Inquire for Details.