Holistic Alchemy Organic Essential Oils - Single Notes 8-Pack Set

Holistic Alchemy Organic Essential Oils - Single Notes 8-Pack Set

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Our essential oils contain pure, 100% organic oils extracted from botanicals sourced around the world. These therapeutic grade essential oils can be used for the face and body or in diffusers for the benefit of environmental fragrance.

CEDARWOOD – Ground, Relax, Center.
Cedarwood is earthy and grounding, with spirited woodsy notes that evoke the feeling of a mountain retreat. It provides deep relaxation, centering, balancing, and is a good base-note for incorporating into your custom blending program.

EUCALYPTUS – Breathe, Soothe, Balance
Eucalyptus has a clean and expansive aroma, with a distinct reputation for easing the breath in steam room environments. Eucalyptus is a classic oil for sports massage and any focused work for tired muscles and stiff joints.

GRAPEFRUIT– Inspire, Uplift, Refresh.
Cold pressed from the peel of the grapefruit, this essential oil is one of the most popular oils used in blending. Grapefruit can increase feelings of mindfulness and is gently uplifting. It, like other citrus oils, is positive and evokes a fresh, free-spirit vibe. Simply adding to unscented lotion, salts or oils can reset your energy and mindset. It has been used by master aromatherapists as a top choice for lymph drainage massage and can be useful with water retention.

LAVENDER – Balance, Relieve, Relax.
Lavender, when used in a diffuser, creates a calming and tranquil environment, permeating the air with its low-key and subtle bouquet that will inspire the relief you are looking for. Lavender is called “the balancer.” It is the perfect complement to any relaxing or stress relieving massage.

LEMONGRASS– Revitalize, Restore, Uplift.
Lemongrass emits a clean, bright scent to refresh the environment, especially when used in a diffuser. Like your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, lemongrass is your one-stop shop addition to a revitalizing massage that delivers comfort to tired muscles. Also, you may apply to the temples of the head to soothe during times of tension. Lemongrass is a blissful solution for people, places and spaces that are affecting one’s mood.

ORANGE – Refresh, Joyful, Positive.
Orange is in the citrus family of oils, which are often called “joy oils” because they are positive, uplifting, friendly and unimposing. Orange is a classic choice for soothing and comforting children. When used during a lymph drainage massage, orange can be useful with water retention. Drop this fresh scent of summer and sunshine in your diffuser, and feel your dedicated space take on a bright new ambiance.

PEPPERMINT – Uplift, Cool, Vitalize.
Refreshing and uplifting, peppermint cools, energizes and awakens. It helps to expand the breath and refresh the energy. When used in a diffuser, it energizes the environment and is enlivening like a breath of fresh air. Use in study areas, during afternoon lulls and on the temples of the head to cool and soothe during times of tension.

ROSEMARY – Uplift, Stimulate, Awaken.
Rosemary is one of the most energizing and vitalizing of all the essential oils. It moves blood circulation, eases stiffness of the joints and also helps with mental alertness and clarity. Rosemary makes a revitalizing and enriching addition when used for scalp and head massage. It wakes up the scalp, conditions the hair and will leave you wanting more. Hello, I’d like to schedule a massage please…
Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts derived from botanicals and plant parts including flowers, leaves, twigs, roots, bark and fruit peels. Some oils contain phytohormones that have a chemistry—and this chemotype, or chemical distinctness, determines what physiological effects the oils have on the body. 

Essential oils are absorbed through inhalation or through application to the skin during massage. The use of pure essential oils has been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits, when used correctly and safely.

Each essential oil has its own botanical chemistry with specific healing properties. Oils’ use has been documented from ancient healing traditions to modern science and integrative medicine. Their therapeutic properties assist the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate and support optimal well-being.

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